Don’t spend hundreds of hours building your own folder watcher component when you can spend one minute and buy Folder Watcher!

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Folder Watcher is a combination of Windows® .NET components that are able to watch specified drive folders and executes automated commands when file changes occur.

  • Monitor an unlimited number of folders
  • Monitor on a local disk or a Windows network drive
  • Prioritize folder monitoring
  • Monitor changed, created, deleted and renamed events
  • Filter change atrobutes, creation time, directory name, file name, last access, last write, security and size
  • Execute unlimited number of actions per folder event
  • Create  custom actions using .net and the simple to use IWatcherAction interface
  • Action exception reprocessing
  • Configurable logging of program activities and all folder and action events
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Full user documentation
  • Email technical support
  • Never loose a folder event regardless of the level of folder activity
  • Filter folders and files to monitor with regular expressions and/or wildcards
  • Include subdirectories